Cory Campbell



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Cory Campbell

Private Chef

"Creating a dining experience full of fun and laughter.
That's what it's all about...

I read once that when a guest arrives at your restaurant they enter into a silent agreement that reality will be suspended for the duration of their stay. It's a wonderful feeling creating nostalgia in food but it's even more special when someone is stuck in a moment, taken back to the place that gave them such feelings and emotions.

Having worked and ran some of the best restaurants around the world, I have come to understand that it all starts with the interaction between chef, fisher, supplier, farmer, producer and Mother Nature. An understanding of a movement: of what we take, from where and how. Is it for the best? Does it leave an impact on us, our waters, our skies, our lands?

For a dinning experience to be full, it must ignite all senses and awaken the soul. Quality ingredients, skilled cooking, fine wine, excellent company, memorable stories...

and, most of all: great fun." - Cory


Bespoke Events

A Unique Experience To Remember

Cory steps beyond the kitchen to create a memorable event that will leave yourself and your guests excited, ignited and inspired. With an ability to arrange all aspects of your private getaway, corporate retreat, birthday or special occasion, Cory can tailor your event so you can sit back and relax. 

Get in touch to see how Cory can create your special occasion.